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Particularly hard hit were closed-end funds run by UBS Asset Managers in Puerto Rico, the market leader in closed-end funds. The experienced securities fraud attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter are investigating closed-end bond funds run by UBS, as well as Santander Securities and Popular Securities. Securities fraud is an attempt to manipulate the investment market in some illegal way and can be done by private investors, brokers, financial advisors, or corporations. Many of our clients, both individual and institutional, are referred to our FINRA attorneys and Securities law firm by their personal lawyer, accountant, or new financial advisor. If you have suffered losses or feel your brokerage account was mishandled, contact Lubiner, Schmidt & Palumbo for a free consultation. We have the expertise to protect your rights and obtain for you any compensation that may be owed to you because of stockbroker fraud.

Stock Loss Lawyer

When a broker churns the account, he or she has violated the client’s trust and breached the broker-client relationship. Thus, it’s time to consult with a stock broker fraud lawyer and hold the responsible parties liable. While almost suffered losses in Kiromic BioPharma stock who invests in the stock market is likely to encounter losses from time to time, investors need to be aware of potential stock broker fraud and misconduct. The stock market is currently at an all-time high and many forecasters are predicting steep market declines in the upcoming year.

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FINRA Arbitration Our securities arbitration attorneys are leaders in the field of FINRA and securities arbitration. If you have lost money at the hands of trusted financial advisors, we’ll help you pursue your losses through the arbitration process. Working with a broker/advisor can help you determine which investment suits your goal, objective, financial needs and risk level.

What Should I Do If Ive Sustained Losses from Investment Abuse?

If you’ve instructed your broker to diversify and find one day that your money is all in one small area, you’d have a valid basis for a lawsuit. But if you find that your broker is making such trades without your knowledge or permission, you should immediately complain and ask for it to stop. There’s no guarantee that it will be profitable, and if you should lose money from it, you can hold your broker liable for that.

Investment Fraud Leading to Loss in Securities, Stocks & Bonds

In some instances the broker may have made a mistake or an error in judgment. In other situations, the broker may have deliberately taken advantage of an investor or engaged in other types of fraudulent activity. In either case, investors who have suffered stock market losses due to broker fraud or negligence may have a legitimate claim against both their broker and the brokerage firm. Stockbroker Misconduct Our securities lawyers represent investors in securities and FINRA arbitration claims to recover losses due to unsuitable investments or other forms of stockbroker misconduct involving stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

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